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Sex Fantasies by Women for Women

This collection of real women's sexual fantasies makes for a hot read and a unique insight into the desires of today's women. Compiled by New York magazine Journalist, Lisa Sussman, Hot Sex Fantasies By Women For Women is a provocative collection of erotic fantasies, day dreams and confessions from anonymous women on both sides of the Atlantic. Anonymity allows these women to tell the naughtiest 'what if...' scenarios as well as some of their innermost secret wishes - the sorts of stories that just don't usually get shared - not even with a best friend...With all the thrills and spills characteristic of 'Sex and the City', this eye-opening book is arranged in themes corresponding to some of the areas the contributors kept coming back to: Anonymous encounters - sex with a stranger * 'He made me do it' - losing control * Sex with a woman * Voyeurs and attention seekers - watching others and being watched * Threesomes and group sex * Fetishism...something for everyone! * Getting away with it - sex with someone you shouldn't. The collection can be read alone as a sexy pleasure just for yourself or to read aloud with the one you love to spur your sex life to new heights.
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ISBN 9780007147434
Author(s) Lisa Sussman,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 256
Format Paperback
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