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Conquering Anxiety

Praise for Nik and Eva Speakman: 'I've seen their work first hand when it came to my own fear of flying - they are a great team' Holly Willoughby 'I never believed in miracles until I met the Speakmans' Jake Roche Nik and Eva Speakman have helped thousands of everyday people live an anxiety-free life and feel happier. Now it's your turn. - Are you overwhelmed by life? - Do you feel dissatisfied and helpless because of anxiety? - Is stress affecting your sleep or behaviour? - Do you suffer from OCD? - Are you stuck in a relationship or job that's making you anxious? Conquering Anxiety will help release you from the emotional and physical weight of living with anxiety. Start your new life today with Nik and Eva's expert help!
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ISBN 9781841883212
Publisher smeikalbooks
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