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Year in the Life of Greenwich Park

London's oldest enclosed Royal Park, first established in 1433, Greenwich Park includes several notable buildings and offers some of the finest views of London and the River Thames. Designers who worked here include Andre le Notre, the French royal landscape designer who laid out the gardens at Versailles, and Inido Jones, who designed the Queen's House. On the northern boundary lies the old Royal Naval College by Christopher Wren, perhaps the greatest baroque building complex in Britain. the park itself is host to herds of deer, and its noble avenues of trees, its spring daffodils and its huge expanses of grass have long made it a favourrite haunt of the people and animals of South London looking for fresh air and open spaces. Rising above the trees at the centre is the great dome of the Royal Observatory, home to the Prime Meridian Line, and world famous in the annals of navigation and timekeeping. This collection of outstanding photographs captures the magic of the park through the year, and the throughtful, well informed text highlights its many notable and remarkable features.
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