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Wow! Converted Spaces

HardCover Pub Date: November 2008 Pages: 256 in Publisher: PAGEONE The idea of ??converting spaces comes mostly from the need to satisfy spatial and functional requirements of new occupancies The lack of empty lots and the high cost of land in withurban environments as could be considered contributing factors that lead to the adaptation and reuse of redundant structures. Consequently. many of these structures now house occupancies for which they were not originally intended. Conversion of spaces should not be considered a negative outcome in urban development for it allows society to preserve its architectural heritage The result is often an interesting dynamic co-existence between old and new. subversive space idea stems from the demand for new living space to meet the space and functional requirements. Due to the lack of open space and the high cost of land in the urban en...
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ISBN 9789812457370
Publisher smeikalbooks
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