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World's War

The extraordinary story of how Europe's Great War become the World's War - a multi-racial, multi-national struggle fought in Africa and Asia as well as in Europe. Every major battle fought on the Western Front, from the First Battle of Ypres to the Second Battle of the Marne, was fought by Allied armies that were a kaleidoscope of different ethnicities. Yet from the moment the guns fell silent, the role of non-white soldiers in the 'Great War for Civilization' was forgotten and airbrushed out by later historians. The subject of a major two-part BBC2 series, THE WORLD'S WAR brings to life the experiences and sacrifices of the hundreds of thousands of non-European, non-white troops whose bravery contributed to the final Allied victory, and whose stories have remained too long in the shadows. Review 'In a remarkable and eye-opening book Olusoga has restored the conflict's global perspectives ... the magnificent, eloquently written The World's War is a genuinely groundbreaking piece of research' BBC History. 'Meticulously researched and beautifully written' Military History Monthly. 'The wartime experience of African, Chinese and Indian participants, for too long neglected, is detailed here' Good Book Guide. Author Bio David Olusoga is a historian and a BBC producer, and an expert on the themes of colonialism, slavery and racism. He is the co-author of the much-praised THE KAISER'S HOLOCAUST (2010).
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