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World Of Happy: Elephant & The Spider

A charming and heart-warming story from Giles Andreae, creator of Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton. The Elephant and the Spider There was once an elephant who was most TERRIFIED of spiders. If she even came NEAR a spider, she would shriek and HOP in a most UNBECOMING manner. "This will not DO," said the ELEPHANT one day. So she took a JOURNEY into HERSELF. And so begins a story about COURAGE and HOPE - a joyous little treasure for the whole family to share. World of Happy ...because life is FUN! Giles Andreae's World of Happy series is more joyful and anarchic than anything you have ever read before. The Elephant and the Spider contains the same playful, quirky sense of humour that made Purple Ronnie and Edward Monkton global brands.
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ISBN 9781405258487
Author(s) Giles Andreae,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb