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Wilkinson: For King & Country

August, 1918. World War I is entering its final desperate stages. A generation of young men have given up their lives for their country - and the young women left behind are hard put to find a husband. When she learns that her handsome sweetheart has been killed in action, Sally Wilde decides to dedicate her life to nursing. It's not the life she'd imagined as a wife and mother, but the work at Newcastle City Hospital is fulfilling and rewarding. Although fraternisation with doctors and patients is strictly forbidden, Sally finds herself drawn to an Australian officer on her ward. But behind his facial injuries, Lieutenant Kit Maxfield is hiding a shocking secret, a secret that will lead Sally into great danger - and change the course of her life forever.
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ISBN 9781849834988
Author(s) Annie Wilkinson,
Publisher Simon & Schuster Ltd
Pages 496
Format Paperback
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