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Wild Moose Chase

Twins Burt and Cameron are in competition with each other about everything \- everything, down to the very oxygen they breathe. So they jump at the chance when they hear about the ultimate competition that will guarantee just one person eternal glory as one of the Queen's knights. The Queen wants moose cheese. Moose cheese is scrumptiously delicious, worth am absolute fortune \- and near-impossible to make. It'll require a dangerous world-wide venture to collect the ingredients for the Queen, but nothing will stop the twins in their quest for one-upmanship. Only they are so busy being in competition with each other, they don't even notice Dr X, another competitor, steal all their ingredients to claim the prize himself. And worse, at the prize-giving ceremony the twins uncover Dr X's plot to poison the Queen with his moose cheese! The twins must figure out how to work together for the first time ever to save the Queen.
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ISBN 9781407138732
Author(s) Siobhan Rowden,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 256
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb