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WeightWatchers: Healthy Parent Healthy Child

Healthy Parent, Healthy Child addresses the growing adult and childhood obesity epidemics with a revolutionary programme that families can follow together - without the need for rigidly structured diet and exercise plans. With an emphasis on nutritious eating and regular physical activity this breakthrough book shows how to stop and reverse the pattern of weight gain that leads to obesity. Furthermore, readers can see the programme in action in three case studies highlighting real UK families who have followed the programme. This is the only book any family needs for a positive approach to health! This friendly and practical guide with its 5 simple rules and roles can form a blueprint for a healthy and happy family. The rules: Eat Healthy Foods * Include Treats * Limit Screen Time * Be Active Every Day* Involve the Whole Family The parenting roles: Role Model * Provider * Enforcer * Protector * Evangelist
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ISBN 9780743295499
Author(s) Karen Miller Kovach,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 208
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb