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Waterloo: Defeat of Napoleon's Imperial Guard

This is the most detailed account of the 2nd Division at Waterloo ever published. It is based on the papers of its commander Sir Henry Clinton and it reveals for the first time the previously unrecognised vital role this division made in the defeat of Napoleon. They Swept the Field Clear explains how the division was placed ahead of the main allied squares thus impeding the charges of the French cavalry, and how the 2nd Division supported the defence of Hougoumont, considered by the Duke of Wellington as the key to his victory on 18 June 1815. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this book is the description of the defeat of Napoleon s Imperial Guard. Just who and how the incomparable Guard was stopped and the driven from the battlefield is explained in detail. Once and for all, this 200-year controversy is finally resolved. Author Bio GARETH GLOVER is an ex Royal Navy Officer who has studied the Napoleonic wars for over thirty years and over the last decade has published over forty books of previously unpublished archival material from the period. He is the acknowledged foremost authority on the British Archives related to the Napoleonic Wars and has made a huge number of discoveries which have radically altered our understanding of the Waterloo campaign.
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