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Water In the Garden

"Water in the Garden" is a celebration of water in all its breathtaking forms, from formal pools and rills to cascading streams and waterfalls, from bog gardens to swimming pools. Divided into three main sections, the book presents a range of examples of how water can be used in the garden. Pools, ponds, canals and rills, streams, and bog gardens are discussed in "Reservoir", followed by waterfalls, wall-mounted features, springs and wells, and fountains and jets in "Outlet". A section on "Elements" looks at those all importance special features that can be used in association with water, including bridges, islands, stepping stones, sculpture and light. Each of these chapters contains two case studies that look in detail at a specific, real-life garden. There are also eight easy-to-follow projects by leading water garden designers for an array of water features, including a Caribbean cascade and bubbling mosaic dish. In a section on "Planting", Gilly Love indulges her passion for water plants, showing how they can be grown together to create brilliant visual effects and providing invaluable advice on their cultivation requirements, while "Practicalities" aims to answer all those practical and technical water garden questions.
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ISBN 9781903141090
Author(s) Gilly Love,Sarah Cuttle,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 160
Format Hardback
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