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Traditional British Cooking

Product Description This is a wonderful sourcebook for over 200 traditional dishes from all over the British Isles. All the recipes can be made with a minimum of fuss, using generally available fresh foods, locally grown vegetables and store-cupboard ingredients. There are time-honoured dishes such as Steak and Kidney Pudding, Mulligatawny, Welsh Rabbit, Beef Wellington and Coronation Chicken, as well as tasty desserts including Apple Brown Betty and Old English Trifle. Britain s rivers and long coastline is also reflected in the great variety of wonderful fish and shellfish recipes, such as Trout with Hazelnuts, and Seafood Pancakes. An informative introduction explores traditional British cooking, ingredients and cooking methods, and more than 800 glorious step-by-step photographs of each finished recipe guarantee success for all cooks. About the Author Hilaire Walden is a well-known food writer and consultant, with a range of culinary experience and interests. She has many books to her credit, including The Book of French Patisserie; Ice Cream and The Book of Thai Cooking. Her articles appear in most of the major cooking and lifestyle magazines, including Homes and Gardens, Food Entertaining and Taste. She has also made many food programmes and books for the BBC.
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ISBN 9781846815706
Author(s) Hilaire Walden,
Publisher Anness Publishing
Pages 256
Format Paperback
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