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Tom's Daley Plan

Tom Daley is an Olympian. He has learnt from the very best about how to stay healthy, fit and positive - and now he's ready to share those secrets with you. Incredibly simple to follow, Tom's Daily Plan includes delicious food, workouts anyone can do (and that's a promise from Tom!) plus invaluable motivational and lifestyle tips. Ditch those fad diets and stop worrying about needing to put in hours in the gym. Tom's healthy and nutritious recipes won't ever leave you hungry - and even include pasta dishes, curries, cakes and chocolate, plus Tom's Ultimate Bacon Butty! And with his weekly plan of 20 minute workouts you'll be stronger, fitter and healthier in no time. All with rest days and tasty treats included! Tom's Daily Plan includes: * Over 80 quick and easy recipes so you and your family can eat well from breakfast until bedtime, with feasts and treats for every taste * Super-effective Daily Workouts and brilliant 'life-hacks' for a healthy, balanced body and mind * Specifically designed to fit around you and your busy lifestyle Get a leaner, stronger, healthier you in no time!
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ISBN 9780008212292
Author(s) Tom Daley,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 224
Format Paperback
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