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Things to do with Dad

Perfect for people lacking inspiration, "Things To Do With Dad" is packed with cool, fun and original games, projects and activities that will captivate both kids and dads alike. A great mix of things to do, stuff to make and games to play. This book is designed to get kids off the sofa and engrossed in the kind of good old-fashioned fun that Dad when he was a nipper. It is the ideal gift for Father's Day and a perfect purchase for dads who want to impress their children. It is presented in a great retro-look, cloth-effect binding, from the publishers who brought you the bestselling "The Dads' Book", "The Mums' Book", "The Boys' Book" and "The Girls' Book".Including, how to: build a snow fort; perform an essential 'Capoeira' move; plan and take a road trip adventure; make the best burgers ever; make a glow in the dark t-shirt; hold a scavenger hunt; make spaghetti and eye balls, werewolves' claws and bug juice; make paper fireworks; stage a water assault course competition; hold a blindfolded food-tasting competition; make a top-secret den; make an abominable snowman footprint; make an indoor or backyard crazy golf course; and, have a finger football match.
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ISBN 9781906082208
Author(s) Chris Stevens,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 160
Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 lb