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The Only Recipes you'll ever need

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  • Condition: Brand New
  • ISBN: 9781849492867
  • Author(s): Tony Turnbull,
  • Publisher: smeikalbooks
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Paperback
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Running out of inspiration for everyday meals? Tired of cooking the same old recipe for chicken or fish or salads or any number of other dishes? Here's a book that will put an end to all that - a superb collection of over 250 recipes comprising four recipes for each ingredient or style of dish. So, look for an ingredient such as chicken and you'll find four different ways to cook the bird; look for a dish like salad and find the recipes for Couscous, Thai Beef, Caesar and Nicoise salads. Despite the plethora of cookbooks and cookery programmes encouraging us to try new recipes and ways of cooking, most people's everyday cooking revolves around staple ingredients and dishes that are tasty and simple - and they often feel the need for new and original ideas. Tony Turnbull's brilliant cookery feature in The Times Saturday magazine - the only four recipes you'll ever need - has been a huge success from the moment it first appeared. Readers love the simplicity of the concept: four simple but delicious alternative recipes for the foods we really love to eat. And although the features have tear-out appeal, how much better to have the complete set, plus new specially written recipes, all in one book. This compilation will feature four recipes each for 60 ingredients/styles of dish - including soups, fish, chicken, meat, roasts, salads, stir fries, fruit pies, berries and many more.