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In this great new series from RTE Martin Shanahan and Paul Flynn take to the road in a mobile kitchen to tour the Irish coast, comparing the culinary traditions and beautiful produce of the landscape as they go. Stopping in villages in the counties of Clare, Cork, Donegal, Kerry, Louth and Wexford, as well as Dublin, Martin and Paul meet both fishermen and producers and source the best they have to offer before cooking rival dishes - surf 'n' turf - for local consumption and competition. This exciting book contains all those dishes plus a host more - 80 in all - divided into chapters on Starters & Soups, Salads, Quick, Slow & Easy, Comfort Food and Food to Impress. Martin's fresh, modern seafood dishes include Rock Salmon Tempura, with Smoked Paprika and Sweet Garlic Aioli; Crispy Fried Sea Bass with a Green Olive, Red Pepper Tapenade and Pan-Fried Brill with Sugar Snap Peas and Hazelnut Butter; whilst Paul's dishes from the turf feature the rich tastes of Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder with Melting Pears, Cloves and Thyme; Twice-Baked Cashel Blue Souffle with Beetroot and Ginger Chutney and a Warm Corned Beef Sandwich with Celeriac and Raisin Relish to eat on the hoof. All the recipes are easy to cook in a domestic kitchen and the book is packed with hints and tips on how to make the best of good local produce.
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ISBN 9781849492225
Author(s) Martin Shanahan,Paul Flynn,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 160
Format Hardback
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