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Success Affirmations

'Jack has been inspiring people to live their best lives for decades' Oprah Winfrey Bestselling author of CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL will guide you through to new levels of passion, purpose and prosperity, with 52 affirmations and time-tested wisdom. 'One of the Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement' SUCCESS Magazine In our 24/7 world, sometimes we let life happen to us instead of taking control of our direction. Other times, we suffer from information overload, and we fail to consciously control our positive thoughts, and we allow negativity to take over. Jack Canfield will show you how positive affirmations can transform your life in extraordinary ways. Success Affirmations reveals: How to avoid letting life just happen to you, and how to proactively go after your dreams How to use the power of deliberate thought to create the reality you want How to identify your true passions and purpose to direct your affirmations to concrete goals How to harness positive energy to attract what you want in your life through the Law of Attraction How to unplug from technology and plug into your true source of energy And much more!
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ISBN 9781841883038
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