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Stop Allergies from Ruining your Life

Many of us are affected by allergies, from the dreaded hayfever - the scourge of the summer - to much talked-about food allergies such as lactose and gluten. Dr Mike Dilkes, one of Harley Street's top Consultant ENT Surgeons, reveals his top tips for living with and treating an allergy. - Find out the difference between a sensitivity, an intolerance and an allergy - Discover how allergies affect your body and why - Learn how to see through the hype and take control of your own symptoms - Prevent attacks and treat outbreaks With a no-nonsense approach to this controversial topic, Stop Allergies from Ruining Your LIfe... The Easy Way provides a straightforward analysis ofthe latest scientific research, allowing you to live the life you want, whatever the season.
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ISBN 9781841882734
Publisher smeikalbooks
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