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Sticker Art Shapes: Paul Klee

Paul Klee defined himself as a "painter poet", and his art perfectly reflects that phrase. He was interested in colour, and formed friendships with other artists also exploring colour, such as Kandinsky, Picasso and Braque. His experimentation with backgrounds, shapes, colour, sign and pictograms, as well as with light and colour, are all portrayed in his work. This book contains six of his most famous paintings and, with over 75 large-sized stickers, it allows both children and adults to experiment themselves, placing the re-usable stickers on different paintings to see how small - and large - changes, completely change a work of art. Sylvie Delpech studied history of art and worked in imaging technology for television, before returning to Paris, where she works in photography and on children's books.
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ISBN 9781845076771
Author(s) Sylvie Delpech,Caroline Leclerc,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 28
Format Paperback
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