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Star Wars Rebels Ultimate Factivity Collection

All new activity collection with the ultimate blend of facts and fun. The perfect non-fiction books for kids, the Star Wars Rebels[trademark] Ultimate Factivity Collection is packed with exciting activities, fun challenges and interesting puzzles designed to inspire creativity. Bursting with games and more than 500 stickers, alongside amazing facts and information, Star Wars Rebels[trademark]: Ultimate Factivity Collection will keep your child entertained for hours. Learn all about the new series, set between the events of Star Wars[trademark]: Episodes III and IV, as the Empire hunts the last remaining Jedi. Find out about the evil Inquisitor, draw a droid or use the stickers inside to create your own adventures. Packed with all new characters, weapons and vehicles, your child will have so much fun with this exciting, interactive Factivity Collection. With Star Wars Rebels[trademark]: Ultimate Factivity Collection, learning has never been so fun!
Product Overview
ISBN 9780241183526
Author(s) DK,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 96
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb