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Sign Language 20 Postcard Book

Twenty different postcards featuring the most inappropriate, confusing, poorly translated and mind-bogglingly bizarre signs from around the world. Few things amuse and appal Telegraph readers as much as the abuse, misuse, mistranslation and outright mangling of the English language. So, for the past three years the Telegraph has run a weekly feature inviting members of the public to send in photographs of menus, health and safety warnings, road signs, adverts, headlines and personals columns – anything in which the language has gone egregiously, hilariously and, usually, unintentionally wrong. These have been published in the best-selling Sign Language series and are now available for you to keep, send or frame in these easy tear-off postcards.  Author Bio STEVE JAMES is a former Glamorgan and England cricketer, who now writes on cricket and rugby for Telegraph Media. He has written six books, including an autobiography and The Plan, the award-winning story of how two Zimbabwean coaches, Duncan Fletcher and Andy Flower, transformed English cricket. He has ghosted books for Fletcher, England wicketkeeper Matt Prior and Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton.
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ISBN 9780711236257
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