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Scarves, Ties, Collars & Belts

Design and Make Scarves, Ties, Collars and Belts contains a range of beautiful designs, which can be easily made from cheap and accessible components. Each of these designs is elegant and striking, ranging from a beautiful feather collar to the Bollywood belt, made from leather and rhinestones. Each project is set out in a simple and straightforward way, starting with an image of the finished piece, listing the supplies you will need and the tools required, then following with an illustrated making sequence. Even absolute beginners can confidently and successfully tackle all the projects. The final section is packed with design ideas, enabling you to take your new skills further, and it also contains helpful pattern making advice and patterns to follow.
Product Overview
ISBN 9780713688344
Author(s) Christina Brodie,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 144
Format Paperback
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