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Scarrow: Young Bloods. Revolution 1769-1795 (The Wellington & Napoleon Quartet)

The Wellington and Napoleon Quartet 1 Arthur Wesley (the future Duke of Wellington) was born and bred to be a leader. With a firm belief that the nation must be led by a king, the red-coated British officer heads for battle against the French Republic, to restore the fallen monarchy. Napoleon Bonaparte joins the French military on the eve of the Revolution. He believes leadership is won by merit, not by noble birth. When anarchy explodes in Paris he's thrust into the revolutionary army poised to march against Britain. As two mighty Empires embark on a bloody duel, Wesley and Bonaparte prepare to face a sworn enemy, unaware that the fate of Europe will one day lie in their hands...
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ISBN 9780755324347
Author(s) Simon Scarrow,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 608
Format Paperback
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