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Saturday Bloody Saturday

THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER Football manager Charlie Gordon is struggling with one defeat after another at the club he loves. Only a decent Cup run is keeping him in work, but tensions are running close to the surface ahead of the next round: Chelsea away. Footballers fall into two categories: artists or assassins. Soon Charlie is going to find out which players can deliver - and just how much pressure they can all stand. Meanwhile, as the country prepares for a general election, one of the most dangerous political assassinations in the IRA's history is being planned in London. An active service unit await the critical signal to proceed... Both sides will converge on the capital for a result that will shake everyone's lives, with consequences far beyond football.
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ISBN 9781409180449
Author(s) Alastair Campbell,Paul Fletcher,
Publisher Orion Publishing Co
Pages 416
Format Paperback
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