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Sabres On The Steppes

Back in the day when men were men and Britain ruled the world, the two great world powers went head to head over control of central Asia - from the Caucasus to Kabul. This was the stage of open warfare but also espionage, subterfuge and reckless adventure. Following on from the derring do of Shooting Leave, John Ure tells the story of British soldiers, missionaries and mercenaries, horse traders and opportunists who travelled to make their name in the Great Game. Praise for Shooting Leave: 'Extremely entertaining ...deserves to be a surprise Christmas bestseller.' Robert Harris. 'Gripping stuff.' Peter Hopkirk. 'Anyone with red blood in his or her veins will be stirred by these stories ...The perfect read.' Country Life.
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ISBN 9781849016674
Author(s) John Ure,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 340
Format Hardback
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