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Right Way: Brilliant Biscuits

A colourful fun 'how to' guide to decorating biscuits. Packed full of design ideas and decorating tips, providing inspiration to the home cook. Comprehensively covers the essential equipment required, tried-and-tested biscuit recipes, how to store biscuit dough, roll it out, cut out shapes, bake and store the cooked biscuits, how to colour royal icing and store icing, as well as how to include children in the fun. The main section of the book is divided into different collections. "Commotion in the ocean", "The animals went in two by two...", "For the love of biscuits", "A woodland walk", "We're going to the chapel", "Down on the farm" are just some of the book's 32 collections. Each collection illustrates particular shapes, colours and designs, with accompanying text describing how to decorate the biscuits. This helps novice decorators to build a cumulative set of skills as they try out different biscuit shapes and designs.
Product Overview
ISBN 9780716023227
Author(s) Pamela Giles,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 192
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb