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A young girl wakes, smothered in mud, suffering from amnesia after a cyclone hits Sydney. She remembers nothing of her past. She is rescued by Peri, a young boy not much older than her who names her Red. Peri appears to be streetwise and encourages her escape from the damaged city. And then, Red discovers her real name. And that she has a father. A memory stick on a chain around her neck contains vital information which needs to be conveyed to the nation's capital. In Red's head are mysterious words - a name? A clue to her past? To the whereabouts of her missing dad? To her future ... With new friends to help her, Red makes an exciting, dangerous cross-country journey - but time is running out ...
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ISBN 9781444917307
Author(s) Libby Gleeson,
Publisher Hachette Children's Group
Pages 192
Format Paperback
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