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Pocket History: History of Witchcraft

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The witch in history was a very different creature from her modern counterpart. Lois Martin sets out to explore the historical background to the European witchcraft phenomenon, examining in detail the growth of the ideological, cutural and legal concepts that eventually led to the carnage of the Witch Craze in the 16th and 17th centuries which, it is estimated, may have claimed the lives of 40,000 people. A perfect gap-bridger between lay interest and the academic history of one of the oldest practices in the Western world. Review "The history of witches and their craft can be a matter of heated debate among modern pagans. If, like me, you have heard many different points of view but are not an expert in the subject, a book outlining the facts and fallacies, and detailing what has been written on subject in the past, is useful. "The History of Witchcraft" by Lois Martin is such a book." --"A Bad Witch's Blog" Author Bio Lois Martin lives in Somerset and has spent many years studing the history of European witchcraft, folklore and superstition. She is the author of "A Brief History of Witchcraft."