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Penguin Bloom

Cameron Bloom, his wife Sam and their three boys were a normal, happy family - until a near-fatal fall left Sam paralysed and she sank into a deep depression. But in the darkest days of Sam's struggle a new and unexpected member of the family came into their lives: an injured magpie chick abandoned after she fell from her nest, who became known as Penguin Bloom. The Blooms rescued Penguin, and in return she saved them in ways they could not have imagined. As her damaged little chick grew into a strong and beautiful bird, Sam found a joy and strength of her own. Penguin Bloom is a story of how compassion, friendship and family can come from unexpected quarters. This plucky little magpie reminds us all that, no matter how lost, fragile or damaged we feel, accepting the love of others and loving them in return will help to make us whole. Review "A wonderful true tale of tragedy and hope and a rather miraculous little bird. It will warm any heart" (MATT HAIG) "A unique and remarkable insight into a family dealing with tragedy and finding their way through it with love, courage and hope" (NAOMI WATTS) "Have a look at these deeply moving photographs, and see how a feathered friend touched the lives of a whole family . . . Regardless of how bad things get, compassion, friendship and support can come from the most unexpected places . . . [How] the arrival of an injured magpie chick transformed life for the whole family . . . [an] ambassador of love and chief motivational officer" ( Daily Mail) "Glorious . . . [The] Instagram account that drew thousands of followers, mesmerised by the story of a family and how one little bird was helping them put themselves together again" ( Telegraph) "Very special . . . A delight" ( Daily Express) "Stunning . . . A gorgeous book" ( Good Housekeeping) "Beautifully captured . . . a treasure" ( Sainsbury's Magazine) "Touching and inspiring" ( Woman & Home) Book Description The No.1 International Bestseller - a life-affirming true story, accompanied by beautiful photographs, of how a magpie chick helped one family overcome tragedy Author Bio Cameron Bloom began his career as a surf photographer at the age of 16. Since then Cameron's travel, editorial, commercial and artistic work have been featured in many international publications, including the New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue and Gourmet Traveller. Bradley Trevor Greive was born in Tasmania and is the author of the New York Times bestselling debut The Blue Day Book. He is also an internationally respected wildlife expert and TV presenter.
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ISBN 9781782119791
Author(s) Cameron Bloom,Bradley Trevor Greive,
Publisher Canongate Books Ltd
Pages 208
Format Hardback
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