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Party Animals!

It's the hoopoe's birthday today, and all the animals have come together to prepare a great feast. Gathering for the fun is the gorilla, the cow, the bear, the camel, the crocodile, the giraffe, the boa, the rhino, the albatross, the kangaroo, the tapir, the panda, the tortoise, the wolf, the penguin and more... Together, they form a funny pyramid-shaped Noah's Ark. This spectacular, almost two-metre-long frieze encourages children to guess on each page the hidden animals on the floor below. Filled with fantastic and funny details, Party Animals! will provide hours of entertainment!
Product Overview
ISBN 9780500651391
Author(s) Clea Dieudonne,
Publisher Thames & Hudson Ltd
Pages 28
Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 lb