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Paris Objet Trouv�

Paris Objet Trouvé will help readers create their own Parisian flea market style. The book brims with an astonishing variety of colours and materials, whether ceramics, furniture, statues, paintings and glassware, and captures the eclecticism of the Parisian style, from Egyptian art to Art Deco. This visual sourcebook is ideal for designers, architects, artists, students and anyone interested in home decoration. Review This must-have will have you ready to scour your neighborhood for one-of-a-kind pieces that make you feel a little closer to chic. Author Bio Herbert Ypma is a bestselling author and photographer whose ground-breaking HIP Hotels series inspired an entirely new genre of travel publishing. His many other books include RSVP: Simple Sophistication, Effortless Entertaining and Amazing Places Cost Nothing, both published by Thames & Hudson.
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ISBN 9780500288863
Publisher smeikalbooks
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