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Pamela Stephenson: Varnished Untruth My Story

Along with my own personal story, I am going to write down a few things that may amuse you (or even take you down some other emotional path) and I'll let you in on a few so-far-unrevealed aspects of my life. I'll try to leave out the boring bits. Don't be thinking this is easy for me. I'm darn good at getting under other people's skin, but opening up about my own life is quite a different matter. So how shall I portray myself? There are choices, you know: Wife, mother, psychologist, writer, comedian, actor, dancer, diver, gypsy, dreamer, rich girl, poor girl, beggar girl, thief. I am all of those and more. Tell you what, you decide. You decide exactly what I am...A complicated childhood in Australia, a bold move to London, being a woman in a man's world on Not the Nine O'Clock News, becoming Mrs Billy Connolly, motherhood, career changes and then Strictly Come Dancing - told in her own inimitable style, The Varnished Untruth is Pamela Stephenson's own story. Review 'All credit to Pamela because she is determined to tell it like it is... Pammie is pulling no punches. She has certainly lived her life' - Sunday Express 'Pamela s technique of revealing her innermost secrets is to write her autobiography as though it were a therapy session... It is painful to read how much she continues to suffer, even in her 60s, from the lack of her parents love' --Daily Mail
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