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One Perfect Lie

Lisa Scottoline, internationally bestselling author of KEEP QUIET and EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES, returns with a gripping new tale of family and survival. Sure to keep fans of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN hooked until the last page. Single mother Heather would do anything for her son, Jordan. His talent on the high-school baseball field could be his only ticket to college. Yet there are those in Jordan's team who have the potential to lead him down a darker path. Not least their coach - a new teacher with a dark, hidden agenda of his own. But there is no such thing as a perfect facade. And under pressure the cracks will soon appear... If your child conceals the truth, how can you be sure that they are safe?
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ISBN 9781472243058
Author(s) Lisa Scottoline,
Publisher Headline Publishing Group
Pages 384
Format Paperback
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