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Octopus Bible: The Longevity Bible

The desire for a long, healthy and happy life is a universal one, yet society has a deep fear of ageing.The Longevity Bible offers an all-encompassing, holistic look at how the body ages - and what we can all do to age better. Discover: - How the ageing process works - and what you can do to enjoy a better quality of life as you grow older - What history, biology, Eastern philosophy, Western science and the findings of top medical experts and researchers can teach us about maintaining optimal health as we move through our lives - The important role that sleep, moderation, diet, a sense of purpose, connection, love and curiosity have in helping us to live well and live happily - That a longer life blessed with health and happiness is within reach!
Product Overview
ISBN 9781841814759
Author(s) Susannah Marriott,
Publisher Octopus Publishing Group
Pages 400
Format Paperback
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