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NT: Kitchen Garden Cookbook- Tomatoes

This wide-ranging guide covers everything you need to know about tomatoes, from garden to plate. It discusses the best varieties to plant, including flavoursome plum tomatoes, tiny and sweet cherry tomatoes, or big traditional 'beefsteak' ones, so you can choose a tomato that's right for you, whether you have a garden patch, a greenhouse or even a container or window box. Information on harvesting and storing helps you cope with the inevitable annual glut, and the book contains a wealth of delicious recipes from around the world, including drying and chutneys to give a taste of sunshine throughout the winter. The book is packed with fascinating facts and history - did you know that tomatoes were once considered poisonous in Britain? Illustrated throughout with pretty and nostalgic illustrations, this warm, comforting and sometimes surprising guide is the ideal book for gardeners of all skill levels who love to cook what they've grown.
Product Overview
ISBN 9781907892011
Author(s) Jane McMorland Hunter,
Publisher Pavilion Books
Pages 96
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb