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Nail Style

This is a lavishly illustrated, full colour exploration of nail art in all its weird and wonderful variations. It highlights the talents, tools and creativity behind this expressionistic art form and looks at its impact on celebrity culture and the everyday woman.Features freehand designs, fashion-forward nail styles and eye-catching creations as step-by-steps for the reader to try out.,Considers nail art in relation to modern fashion and celebrity culture.,Features the work and profiles of prominent nail artists.,Examines the transcendence of nail style through the decades.,Of interest to fashionistas as well as the artistically inclined and culturally curious. Author Bio Helena Biggs works for Scratch, the UK's number one magazine for nail professionals, and writes for its sister publication, Gloss. As deputy editor, she also co-ordinates and judges an annual photographic nail art competition and the Scratch Stars Awards, the only awards dedicated solely to nail technicians.
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ISBN 9781784041946
Author(s) Helena Biggs,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 128
Format Paperback
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