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Mouse & the Moon Made of Cheese

A heartwarming rhyming tale about keeping belief and perseverance--prepare to be enchanted by a little mouse with big dreams This wonderful picture book follows a little mouse who believes that the moon is made of cheese. His grandfather and sisters have told him it's true, and he'd love to visit the moon and see how it tastes! So, encouraged by his father and with his fork and his spoon in hand, Mouse embarks on an extraordinary culinary mission to reach the moon. But how can he get there? Can a toad help? Or a tree? Or the wind? And is the moon really made of cheese, or is he mistaken? Join Mouse on his quest in a truly heartwarming tale of adventure and perseverance to enjoy with a little one. Author Bio Dean Russell is a former physicist with a penchant for poetry. Chloe Elliott is the illustrator of So Frog and So Gorilla.
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ISBN 9781908786708
Author(s) Dean Russell,Chloe Elliott,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 40
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb