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Mile by Mile London to Paris

The railway route from London to Paris has always been both historic and romantic. Until the sixties the overnight sleeper train from Waterloo or Victoria was called The Golden Arrow, and its route down through France took in the coastal city of Boulogne, then hugged the Somme, scene of the most terrible trench warfare of the First World War before passing through the horse racing centre of Chantilly. Now we take the Eurostar, a marvel of civil engineering with its high-speed lines down to Dover and then racing across France through Lille, and above all the sub-Channel crossing of the Tunnel. Aurum's new Mile by Mile volume applies the cartographic method of Mile by Mile on Britain's Railways to log every mile of both London-Paris routes in forensic detail: gradients, stations, the sights to be seen from the train, the history along the route, and how both railways were built. It is a fascinating guide as you whiz through the landscape on the train.
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ISBN 9781845137724
Author(s) Reginald Piggott,Matt Thompson,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 128
Format Hardback
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