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London Hidden Interiors

180 of London's best conserved and least known interiors are revealed in 1500 spectacular photographs. Following his successes with revealing London s vanished architectural heritage in Lost London and Panoramas of Lost London, Philip Davies now turns his attention to London s conserved heritage, presenting an expert introductory essay followed by the most extraordinary collection of contemporary photographs of London s historic interiors ever published. The increasing popularity of Open City has stimulated the curiosity of local Londoners and visitors from afar, awakening renewed interest and comprehension of London s succes in preserving amazing interiors, from private salons to traditional public houses, from ornate churches to industrial plants. London Hidden Interiors has one hundred and eighty examples which have been selected from a complete range of building types to convey the richness and diversity of London s architectural heritage and the secrets that lie within. It concentrates generally on the buildings and interiors that are lesser known and to which the public are not normally allowed the hidden and the unusual, the quirky and the eccentric, although there is space too for some of the better known. The careful composition, superb lighting and exposure of the images featured in this book are themselves a lesson in conservation, capturing the sense of these unique spaces whilst at the same time revealing the important architectural detail; Derek Kendall s photographs, perfectly reproduced, make this book a visual delight and a major contribution to the architectural history of London. Review I am dazzled positively dazzled... this is my book of the year, and you may quote me. --Bill Bryson The book with the most visual clout in 2012 is the arm-breaking London Hidden Interiors (Atlantic Publishing, £40), text by Philip Davies, photographs by Derek Kendall, under the sponsorship of English Heritage. Open it anywhere and dream awhile in some of the world's most gorgeous spaces. --Daily Express Another triumph. Magnificent book. --Lloyd Grossman Author Bio Philip Davies has been in the forefront of managing change to London s most important historic buildings and places for over 35 years, most recently as the Planning and Development Director for London and South-East England at English Heritage. Philip s most recent books Lost London 1870-1945 and Panoramas of Lost London were published to huge acclaim.
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ISBN 9780956864246
Author(s) Philip Davies,Derek Kendall,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 448
Format Hardback
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