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Little Pig Figwort

Little Pig Figwort just cannot get to sleep, he tosses and turns, but it is just no good. Who can he find to play with in the middle of the night? Little Pig Figwort dives to the bottom of the ocean but the mermaids are all asleep. He zooms off to the North Pole but the sleepy polar bears growl at him to go home. So Little Pig Figwort jumps into his space rocket and whizzes off to the moon where he discovers the moon pigs, who play games of Pig Pirates, Moon Jump and Hide and Seek all night long. After such an adventure Little Pig Figwort is at last ready for a good night's sleep.
Product Overview
ISBN 9780006646990
Author(s) Henrietta Branford,Claudio Munoz,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 32
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb