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Landscape Man: Making a Garden

All gardeners are driven to create a landscape or garden that is their vision of perfection - whether that be a structured space complete with ordered tree avenues and immaculate rose beds, or a simple, inviting space for unwinding or entertaining. But just how do you go about turning that vision into reality? Written to accompany Channel 4's prime-time TV series, Matthew Wilson's Making a Garden demystifies landscape and garden design and demonstrates how the ideas and techniques behind the incredible landscape projects featured in the series can be translated to your garden at home. Starting with the initial assessment and planning stages and using the gardens featured in the series as case studies, Matthew reveals the thinking that lies behind great garden design. He discusses the big issues that pre-occupy all gardeners: planning, providing for different needs, maximising space and working with nature. He goes on to show readers how to capture their vision and transform their space, covering topics such as enhancing light levels and choosing plants for colour, texture and form. Alluring colour photography and detailed hand-drawn plans act as inspirational visual references, while straightforward action plans provide all the practical information needed to enable you to create your prefect outdoor space. Drawing on the inspiration behind the epic stories of the series, Matthew Wilson's Making A Garden is an informative, engaging and essential guide to creating the garden of your dreams.
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ISBN 9781844007622
Author(s) Matthew Wilson,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 192
Format Hardback
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