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King: Ledley King My Autobiography

Born in Bow in 1980, Ledley King joined Tottenham Hotspur as a trainee at the age of sixteen, and was a White Hart Lane talisman from his 1999 debut through to his retirement in 2012. Telling it how it was behind the scenes at Spurs during his years progressing from schoolboy trainee to club captain, King dramatically chronicles the turbulent times and personalities of the modern White Hart Lane. Yet above all, King is the story of one of the most widely admired and respected English footballers of modern times - one of passion and roots, friendship, courage, grit; and of a role model of great strength yet rare humility.
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ISBN 9781782069041
Author(s) Ledley King,Mat Snow,
Publisher Quercus Publishing Plc
Pages 288
Format Hardback
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