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Jane Fonda: The Private Life of a Public Woman

As actress, activist, businesswoman, wife, and mother, Jane Fonda has pushed herself to the limit, attempting to please all, excel in every arena, be everything. We've read her version of her controversial life, yet nothing can prepare us for this genuinely revelatory account of Jane's engrossing, sometimes shocking journey. Supplemented by the psychiatric records of her suicidal, bipolar mother, Fonda's FBI file, and interviews with her intimates, this perceptive portrait strips away hype and the subject's own mythmaking. Patricia Bosworth shows us what a toll Jane's quest to excel (and please her demanding father, Henry) exacted and sheds light on truths she's glossed over: her rejection of her mother before her suicide; the death threats and self-doubts of her antiwar crusade; her second husband Tom Hayden's habit of putting her down while spending her fortune; the emotional downfall that led her to stop acting and marry Ted Turner. Lee Strasberg once said that Jane had "panic in her eyes," and it is this wounded but so familiar woman-human yet still heroic, the embodiment of a generation's conflicts and triumphs-whom Bosworth captures so utterly and definitively.
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ISBN 9781849541688
Author(s) Patricia Bosworth,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 400
Format Hardback
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