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High Fit Home

In today's increasingly health-conscious world, homeowners are paying more attention to creating spaces conducive to a fit lifestyle. The possibilities available go far beyond building a home gym that you may or may not ever use. Whether by grand staircases for daily exercise or thoughtful floor plans to encourage walking or even cleverly incorporated climbing walls, indoor pools, or other sporting elements, your home can promote good health through its design. High Fit Home examines this phenomenon through fully illustrated profiles of over a dozen homes that architecturally create health-conscious environments. Featured Projects include: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Princeton, New Jersey)Sprint Headquarters (Overland Park, Kansas)Lawson/Westen House (Los Angeles, California)Aronoff Guesthouse (Santa Monica, California)The Pool House (Utah)The Tennis House (Connecticut)The VXO House (London, UK)The Millennium Apartment (New York, New York)The Bachelor House (Minneapolis, Minnesota)Murray Street Sky Court (New York, New York)The Sinnott Residence (Los Angeles, California)The Adirondack Camp House (Connecticut)Ninevah Beach House (Sag Habor, New York)The Spine House (Cologne, Germany)The Gipsy Trail House (Croton, New York)The Mountain House (Stratton, Vermont)The Carriage House (New York)The Ess House (Seattle, Washington)The Lake Michigan House (Michigan)Ten Broeck House (Columbia County, New York)Park Slope Townhouse (Brooklyn, New York)Atlanta Residence (Atlanta, Georgia) Synopsis With the rising rates of obesity in the US today, it's no wonder fitness is a factor in how people eat, play, vacation - and how they design their homes. The high-fit home has many faces - from stairs that beckon the climber to explore new views to pools that literally lure you into the home. But whatever form fitness takes, how to incorporate it into living space is a subject that architects now ponder and perfect.
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Author(s) Joan Vos Macdonald,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 160
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