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Help With Homework: French Essentials (Age 9+)

Our workbooks work really hard to help link school and home learning and these three new titles will develop more core skills at Key Stage 2. In response to demands to expand the range of our hugely successful workbooks, we have now extended both the age-range and subject areas covered to focus on modern foreign languages and science. Within the newly proposed National Curriculum framework, learning a MFL will become compulsory from the age of seven. This title will complement our core Maths and English titles recently developed for this age group. Cheeky characters, jokes and funny asides will keep an older audience amused and on task. Clear learning objectives help build confidence and knowledge in these essential skills and reinforce understanding of topics taught in school.
Product Overview
ISBN 9781849589031
Author(s) Nina Filipek,Kay Massey,Kay Massey,
Publisher Autumn Publishing Ltd
Pages 36
Format Paperback
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