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Healing Back

The problem of back and neck pain continues to grow and has now reached epidemic proportions. This book explores the causes contributing to back and neck pain, ways of coping with it and exercises and strategies for promoting healing. Stella Weller gives an overview of the structure and functions of the spine and how it is supported by the back, abdomen and legs. She looks at posture and guides us through proper body mechanics and use. She covers all back problems and ailments and helps people find ways of coping with pain. She details non-invasive therapies including acupuncture, acupressure and massage and invasive therapies such as injections and surgery. All possible complications are examined. There is a selection of stretching and strengthening exercises for the neck, back, abdomen and legs that are inspired and informed by yoga and pilates making this book an invaluable resource for all back related problems and solutions.
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ISBN 9781843404323
Author(s) Stella Weller,
Publisher smeikalbooks
Pages 144
Format Paperback
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