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From Grandma's Kitchen With Love

From Grandma's Kitchen with Love is the ultimate collection of tasty, sweet and savoury recipes, with two recipe books bursting with Grandma's tried and tested ideas, plus beautiful decorations to really make your home-made creations stand out from the crowd! Grandma's Family Meals contains time-honoured recipes handed down from Grandma's kitchen and will bring your family togeher for a delicious home-cooked meal. From simple weekday suppers to quick comfort food and crowd-pleasing classics, Grandma's got it covered! Grandma's Sweet Treats contains recipes for delicious desserts, cute cookies, perfect pastries and pies and much more, the perfect end to a family meal! Two books in sturdy card slipcase with added twine, cake flags and gift tags to decorate and gift your baked goods.
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ISBN 9781445495088
Author(s) Parragon Book Service Ltd,
Publisher Parragon Book Service Ltd
Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 lb