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Focused: Rather Out-of-focus

Product Description Unicorns, flying fish, all heads wearing crowns, for the mind that frequently travels out of town! Think you have dreamed of it all? Then heres more to get you going. Live your dreams, be what you want to be, or, overcome your fears, in a matter of moments. This book holds a whole host of surprises for the wandering mind. Dream, muse and fantasize, be ready to whoosh off on a magic carpet for a crazy ride. About the Author Offshoot - off the sense- the no offense brand brings for you books that are fresh, whimsical and sophisticated. A wonderful hybrid of a wide range of activities lures the reader to indulge in the unexpected. Extensively researched and comprehensively structured - the unconventional series of books will take you down the memory lane with every stroke and tick, refreshing your mind with the stimulating and thrilling activities. Doodle and express your feelings as you reacquaint yourselves with the charm of everyday life. The fifty shades when combined together on a sheet, will transcend you to a surreal world. Splashes of brilliance make travel, home, food, love - even workouts - seem exciting. Off-load your worries, your troubles, and your anxieties as you work off-line and off-screen on our books. Veer away from the course of your daily grind and explore the paths and byways of excitement and adventure.
Product Overview
ISBN 9789386198419
Author(s) Offshoot,
Publisher Offshoot Books
Pages 64
Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 lb