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Culina Mundi

If you're looking for the entire world of cookery - Culina Mundi is the book that has it. On more than 700 pages, 60 renowned chefs from 40 countries present their favorite recipes. Page for page, true gourments will be delighted to discover the wide spectrum of soups and appetizers, fish and meat dishes, sweets and desserts presented in words and pictures, along with practical hints on ingredients, methods and cooking times. Detailed sequences of illustrations explain the individual steps, so that the most delicious dishes of Asia and Africa, Europe, and North and South America can easily be prepared at home. Anyone who enjoys creative cooking, who prefers to explore less-traveled paths, and who is open for new adventures is sure to enjoy this journey into the world of haute cuisine.
Product Overview
ISBN 9783848003730
Author(s) Fabien Bellahsen,Daniel Rouch,
Publisher Ullmann Publishing
Pages 768
Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 lb