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Contented Little Husband

The thought of bringing your little bundle of joy home can be unnerving. They leave socks around the house, don't make the bed and always leave the loo seat up. Do not fear - The Contented Little Husband is here to help. By following these tried-and-tested methods, you'll avoid hours of tears and tantrums (mostly yours) as you learn how to cope with such common challenges as: * Introducing regular and nutritious mealtimes* Weaning him off a beer-only diet* Toilet training* Dealing with man flu Here to support you through all the burping, whining and sleepless nights, this humorous guide to turning your big baby into the perfect partner will also make for a contented little you. Book Description With The Contented Little Husband you'll avoid hours of tears and tantrums as you learn how to cope with such common challenges as man flu, weaning him off a beer-only diet and toilet training. Author Bio Tess Read lives in a small flat surrounded by piles of unidentified odd socks. It's not much of a life but it's mine - is her motto. Her passions are writing, re-writing, desperately seeking distractions to writing, looking at Facebook, re-writing again, looking at Facebook again, and booking holidays on the Internet. She has an extensive collection of mature toothbrushes of which she is very proud. Her husband is occasionally contented.
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